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A complete solution for European companies

Main menu OpenERP implanted by OPENTIA

Main menu OpenERP implanted by OPENTIA

Since the middle '90s consultants and technologists in OPENTIAhave implemented integrated business management solutions for the most important global companies and organizations from Iberia and Latin America.

Business solutions led by our team of expert consultants have been serving large entities of the telecommunications sector (Telefónica, Vodafone, Portugal Telecom Group, etc..) financial (BBVA, Bankinter, etc.), distribution (Altadis/Logista, Mediapost, Sony Ibérica, Sonae, Jeronimo Martins, Carrefour, Hasbro Ibérica, etc.), energy (REPSOL, CEPSA, Galp, PDVSA, etc.), public (Public Administrations Ministry, Government of Andalusia, Government of Extremadura, FNMT, Hunosa, municipalities, etc.),... and finally big IT multinationals (IBM Europe, Telefónica Soluciones, Novasoft, IXOS Software AG, SAP, OpenText,  etc.)

Thus, in the decade of 2000 OPENTIA decided to extend its range of professional business management solutions to SMEs. It achieves this through the cheapening and commoditizacion you got by providing new technological proposals based on Open Source tools, thereby eliminating one of the main cost: The Software License.

Business Management solutions for Enterprises

OPENTIA Bussines Management technologies for SMEs allow for have total and inmediate control and knowledge of your company funcionality and situation. Our solutions are guaranteed with the best quality/price ratio on the market, as well as an excellent Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Today, in the world of professional information systems there are available Open Source products with the highest quality. They comparable and even superior to their equivalent proprietary software. Therefore, many customers have chosen these solutions that offers reliability and peace of mind. Furthermore, the number of these solutions and functionalities covered by each of them is constantly growing.

OPENTIA, partner para España de OpenERP

OpenERP the Business Management Open Source leader in Europe

Several years of experience working for the most diverse business sectors, makes the OPENTIA personnel experts on deployment of business solutions and making them work in a integrated way. This allow our costumers to get an completely corporate automatic management solution, and as a result, an accurate vision in real time of what's happening in all company departments.

Among this integrated business solutions, we offer enterprise resource programs systems (ERP), and customer relationship management (CRM), Business Intelligence, Document Management, Business Process Management, e-commerce, e-learning, (groupware and corporate email), VoIP telefony, etc.

Dashboard OpenERP business warehouse OPENTIA

Dashboard OpenERP business warehouse OPENTIA

Among theERP solutions, the core of your offer and the main tool for integrated business management, OPENTIA is a certified specialist in OpenERP as well as Official Partner for Spain.

OpenERP is the leader open source ERP for small or medium business in Europe, and you can trust in our work with all guarantees from the manufacturer.

The integration that provide these Open Source solutions allows our customers to get a set of tools that build a global management solution for their companies. Thanks to it OPENTIA can offer, for just a fraction of the price of equivalent proprietary solutions, the best matching to their needs, plus the most extensibility and scalability.

Did you know that with a small effort from your part we can analyze and optimize most of your business processes? Can you imagine that the experience of our consultants optimizing and reorganizing large firms can be applied to your medium-sized businesses? OPENTIA has a unique offer for everything you need: the know-how plus the best tools.

Of course, always with adjusted prices for Enterprises on recession times.

Please contact us for more information on how to manage your business more optimally and the best possible cost by combining OPENTIA - OpenERP.

At your disposal: comercial@opentia·es.


  • OpenERP, gestión empresarial integrada
  • Nuxeo, gestión documental inteligente
  • Zimbra, correo electrónico y colaboración
  • Magento, tienda de comercio electrónico avanzado integrada con OpenERP
  • Prestashop, tienda de comercio electrónico integrada con OpenERP
  • Jasper Reports, informes de negocio personalizados
  • Pentaho, inteligencia de negocio / Business Intelligence
  • Liferay, gestor de contenidos web avanzado en Java
  • Django, desarrollo web avanzado en Python
  • Drupal, gestor de contenidos web en PHP
  • Moodle, gestor de cursos de formación electrónicos
  • LibreOffice, suite ofimática libre alternativa a OpenOffice y Microsoft Office
  • Linux Ubuntu, Debian, RedHat, SuSE, CentOS, Slackware

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