OPENTIA, OpenERP Partner España

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Experts Telecommunication and Computing Engineers

OPENTIA has chartered engineers both in the College of Telecommunications Engineers (nationwide), as the Professional Engineers Association of Andalusia, operating in all the Spanish provinces.

OPENTIA also has extensive experience in ICT patents, technology standards, systems audits and security, legal analysis of software licenses and hardware, as well as analysis and debugging of source code for lawful purposes.

That is why offers its extensive technological expertise and the most renowned curriculum of our senior engineers and senior technicians to carry out the experts audit and legal services..

We are also specialists in free software licensing, the evaluation of non-compliance and the incompatibility of mixed use code or libraries protected by free licensing. We can help before and after proceedings, for example by assessing and advising on what needs to be released, when and how, if it has based its developments in whole or in part on free software.

In addition to the above, OPENTIA offers the services of experts in computer security and telematic networks to perform forensic analysis specialized in computer security and telecommunications networks.

OPENTIA is your legal guarantee in Information Technologies.


  • OpenERP, gestión empresarial integrada
  • Nuxeo, gestión documental inteligente
  • Zimbra, correo electrónico y colaboración
  • Magento, tienda de comercio electrónico avanzado integrada con OpenERP
  • Prestashop, tienda de comercio electrónico integrada con OpenERP
  • Jasper Reports, informes de negocio personalizados
  • Pentaho, inteligencia de negocio / Business Intelligence
  • Liferay, gestor de contenidos web avanzado en Java
  • Django, desarrollo web avanzado en Python
  • Drupal, gestor de contenidos web en PHP
  • Moodle, gestor de cursos de formación electrónicos
  • LibreOffice, suite ofimática libre alternativa a OpenOffice y Microsoft Office
  • Linux Ubuntu, Debian, RedHat, SuSE, CentOS, Slackware

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