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Marco Europeo de InteroperabilidadOPENTIA is author or coauthor of the three most important interoperability frameworks created to date in Spain. Additionally has conducted consultancy and training on interoperability, open standards and eGovernment to several governments both Spanish, and Latin American and European.

OPENTIA is also one of the main technical and research actor in the field of interoperability in Europe and Latin America, accounting for hundreds of conferences, events and debates which have engaged our expert consultants..

Please do not hesitate to use our experience when implementing in your public administration the Law 11/2007, as well as e-government solutions according to the Spanish National Interoperability and Security Frameworks.

Customers such as the Ministry of Public Administration, the Government of Andalusia, the Basque Government, the Presidency of Ecuador, the European Commission, the European Patent Office, various political groups of the European Parliament, the Government of Extremadura, the Government of Cuba, plus several municipalities endorse us as the leading Spanish company in terms of interoperability in open.

OPENTIA, the leader in interoperability in Spain


  • OpenERP, gestión empresarial integrada
  • Nuxeo, gestión documental inteligente
  • Zimbra, correo electrónico y colaboración
  • Magento, tienda de comercio electrónico avanzado integrada con OpenERP
  • Prestashop, tienda de comercio electrónico integrada con OpenERP
  • Jasper Reports, informes de negocio personalizados
  • Pentaho, inteligencia de negocio / Business Intelligence
  • Liferay, gestor de contenidos web avanzado en Java
  • Django, desarrollo web avanzado en Python
  • Drupal, gestor de contenidos web en PHP
  • Moodle, gestor de cursos de formación electrónicos
  • LibreOffice, suite ofimática libre alternativa a OpenOffice y Microsoft Office
  • Linux Ubuntu, Debian, RedHat, SuSE, CentOS, Slackware

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