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Ecommerce for SMEs

OPENTIA provides business solutions for SMEs in e-commerce plus its corresponding management of trades. All them based on open source technologies. This combination allows you to have total control and immediate knowledge of the operation of both the digital part of your operations, as traditional, as well as the overall situation of your business. Solutions that will guarantee the quality / best market price and an excellent total cost of ownership (TCO).

Ecommerce store by OPENTIA integrated with OpenERP

Ecommerce store by OPENTIA integrated with OpenERP

The bond offering that OPENTIA provides integrating corporate business management and electronic commerce systems gives you the opportunity to get full control of your operations and significant cost savings. In this way you can achieve the ability to anticipate events, to forecast the peaks and valleys of demand, to get accurate projections of cash flow, to control of supplies, to improve your ability to negotiate  purchases, to get a greater control of suppliers and customers support (via CRM), to work with advanced stocks (based on purchase reserves and the forecast of the arrival from supplies, etc.)


The OPENTIA e-commerce solutions  are always tailored to the personality and needs of each business, and, in turn, integrated with OpenERP to automate all business processes, logistics and financial.

This allows you to have an online store service with lower operating costs, which will result in increasing your margins and reducing your prices, being able to position your business in the highly competitive Internet market no matter of your size.

OPENTIA, OpenERP partner for Spain

OpenERP, the business manager for e-Shop

Years experience working on more than a hundred customers with different ERP and web platforms make the OPENTIA staff expert in implementing Internet business solutions, as well as intercommunication them with other management systems or modules of your business. It's the way that our customers get a complete and automated management and marketing solution for your business.

OPENTIA not only provides the technology needed to conduct all their business processes of the online shop, but also our expert consultants will carry out the reengineering process that requires business and industry to optimize your business workflows, thus saving you the time to serve your customers with complete fluidity at the best price.

Whithin the ERP solutions, the core of your business and the main piece of the automated management, OPENTIA is the specialists in the OpenERP platform, of which it is an official partner for Spain. OpenERP is the leading ERP for small and medium business in Europe and can you place your trust in us to make a deployment that has all manufacturer's warranties

The integration of these Open Source applications enables our customers to have a set of tools that make up a comprehensive management solution for your company at a fraction of the price of proprietary applications, while getting a greater adaptability and extensibility.

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  • OpenERP, gestión empresarial integrada
  • Nuxeo, gestión documental inteligente
  • Zimbra, correo electrónico y colaboración
  • Magento, tienda de comercio electrónico avanzado integrada con OpenERP
  • Prestashop, tienda de comercio electrónico integrada con OpenERP
  • Jasper Reports, informes de negocio personalizados
  • Pentaho, inteligencia de negocio / Business Intelligence
  • Liferay, gestor de contenidos web avanzado en Java
  • Django, desarrollo web avanzado en Python
  • Drupal, gestor de contenidos web en PHP
  • Moodle, gestor de cursos de formación electrónicos
  • LibreOffice, suite ofimática libre alternativa a OpenOffice y Microsoft Office
  • Linux Ubuntu, Debian, RedHat, SuSE, CentOS, Slackware

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